Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

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The Black Diamond Express Ice Screws are the easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet for those days when you just need some lightning fast screwing... Show more >
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Black Diamond Express Ice Screws

The Black Diamond Express Ice Screws are the easiest and fastest placing ice screws on the planet for those days when you just need some lightning fast screwing action. The Black Diamond Express Ice Screws feature a tapered tube where the teeth cut a hole just larger than the tube itself, for less friction during placements. A large, color-coded crank knob makes for easy size identification and uninterrupted 360-degree motion.

Tech specs

COMPOSITIONChromoly (Screw) - Stainless Steel (Hanger)


Express Key Features

Advanced tooth geometry for easier starting and faster placement
Larger crank knobs with uninterrupted 360° motion
Stainless steel hangers with two clip points
Available in five lengths, color-coded for quick indexing
CE certified, patented

Express Ice Screws

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5 product reviews

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Express Ice Screws
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Great ice screws.

Very simple to use, high quality. Perfect.

Fantastic and fast placement

The 13 cm BD Express screw its probably the best option for high quality ice where the screw bites into good ice right from the beginning. With the same number of threads that its bigger brother, so offering the same level of protection, it will save you a few grams and space on your harness and your backpack. Make it the most popular screw on your rack!

one of the best ice screws

Easy and fast placement .

Most logical option

BD Ice screws have some important features, that everybody can apreciate. The handle is compact! Take in comparison Ice screws from Grivel or Omega. They are realy hard to pack in your back pack and on your harnes. Plus the handell is getting in the way for rope. Second feature is weight.
Now there are Petzl scres a little ligher, but as I stardet using these, and my rack konsist mainly of them I decided to stick with BD. If you are starting your rack now, consider Petzl. But if you are planing to use them frequently, I do not recomend the lightest version, because there is not enought place to sharpen them.
P.S.: Why is there s funny plastic head on Salewa screws? :D


in my experience BD Express Ice Screws are really necessary evil, i used for north faces and ice fall even climbing in the crevace. They are very easy to put in the ice and you see the difference when you make the abalakov, so try and you never will look for some other brands..

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