Max Climbing Rockblob

95 mm diameter holds with 4 gripping options, for all levels. Comes with rope and adjusters. Show more >
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Max Climbing Rockblob

The Max Climbing Rock Blob are 95 mm diameter ball-shaped training holds that offer 4 different gripping positions, ranging from easy to challenging. The set comes with 2 balls, ropes, adjusters, and carabiners. Hang them from the ropes to activate the stabiliser muscles, or fix them to a wall and use them as regular holds. Rope length can be easily adjusted to suit the area. Use them for training at home or in the gym, or just for warming up at the crag.

Tech specs

SET INCLUDES2 x Rockblob hold, 2 x rope + rope adjuster + carabiner




• 4 gripping positions ranging from very easy to challenging
• Rope suspended or fixed, allowing static or dynamic exercises
• Increases core, finger, and forearm strength

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