Rhino Rhino Dry

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An anti-perspirant cream which decreases how much your hands sweat, or even stops them from sweating entirely. It's ideal for people with high-moisture skin, or for regular climbers looking to reduce sweating. Available in 2 or 4 oz bottles (56 or 112 ml). Show more >
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Rhino Rhino Dry

Rhino Dry is an anti-perspirant cream that reduces or eliminates sweating in the area it is applied to. To use it, simply apply three pumps of cream and rub into hands 2-8 hours before climbing. There's no need to wash it off like with other anti-perspirants, and the effect will last for up to three days. Rhino Dry is especially useful for people with high-moisture, high-turnover hands, but it will suit anybody looking to reduce the amount their hands sweat whilst climbing.

• 2 or 4 oz bottles (56 or 112 ml)
• Non-aluminium anti-perspirant with no skin conditioner
• Designed for use every 3 to 4 days
• Effects last for up to 3 days
• No need to wash it off or cover hands
• After 2 weeks of continued use, stop using until area begins to sweat again*

* These instructions are only recommendations. Please pay attention to your own skin type and moderate use appropriately. Overuse may cause splitting. Use caution when applying the dry spray with the performance cream.

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Rhino Dry
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Keeps my hands dry in all situations! Perfect!

Rhino Dry works amazingly! I just started using it and am already experiencing good results! Usually my hands are just dripping sweat and I need to chalk up a lot. Now, even in a hot and sweaty climbing gym, my hands stay nice and dry!

Rhino should also think about branching out and marketing this product to other user groups as well! Since I work in a lab, and have to wear protective gloves, my hands also get really sweaty underneath... But also here I am already noticing that my hand stay dry underneath my gloves! What a sweet deal, 2 for the price of one! ;-)

I can recommend Rhino Dry to all sweaty people like me, be it fellow climbers or my lab mates!

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