Scarpa Charmoz OD Woman

The Scarpa Charmoz OD Women’s is a waterproof, two-season, ladies-specific mountaineering boot, featuring ultra-breathable 37.5 Technology by Corona that boasts... Show more >
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Scarpa Charmoz OD Woman

The Scarpa Charmoz OD Women’s is a waterproof, two-season, ladies-specific mountaineering boot, featuring ultra-breathable 37.5 Technology by Corona that boasts better permeation than GORE-TEX, perfect for light alpinism and hard trekking due to its lightweight.

Named after the Aiguille des Grands Charmoz, the Aiguille containing the most difficult mixed routes in the Mont Blanc-massif, the Scarpa Charmoz OD Women’s is built on the basis of lightweight protection, maximum breathability, and a full accommodation of the female foot’s unique form. OutDry technology is waterproof and breathable, using a one-piece barrier superior to traditional two-piece waterproof garments. 37.5 Technology is extremely breathable for the most intense warmer weather pursuits. The Charmoz’s padding, volumes, last, collar, and ankle have all been designed to work harmoniously with the lower volume female foot for greater performance, comfort, and agility. High-performance Vibram sole for all terrains. Ankle technology for supreme comfort and uninhibited motion without compromising support and protection.

Tech specs

SOLE Vibram® Pentax II ST Sole
LASTNAG: Exceptional comfort for technical use with a strong emphasis on focusing the climbing power over the toe/front of the boot creating our most precise, technical mountain fit ever.
WEIGHT625g (one shoe size 38)


Charmoz OD Woman

OutDry®: ‘Water not included™’

In traditional waterproof-breathable technology, water and moisture collect between the shoe’s outer and the waterproof inner, causing them to eventually succumb to wetness. OutDry heat-bonds its waterproof-breathable barrier directly to the fabric, creating a one-piece barrier that eliminates seams, gaps, any way that water could possibly get in, keeping the shoe drier, lighter, and more comfortable.

Charmoz OD Woman

37.5 Technology by Corona®

Fabric that boasts higher breathability, layer by layer, than GORE-TEX garments. Uses patented active particles embedded at the fiber provide a unique driving force that catures and removes moisture vapour unlike any other fabric. Actively responds to body heat; the hotter the user gets, the stronger the driving force removing moisture becomes, significantly increasing drying rates.

Charmoz OD Woman

Vibram® Pentax II ST Sole

High-performance sole with a balance of grip, comfort, support, and precision. Low density EVA insert on heel for impact absorption, medium density EVA middle for stability control and support on technical climbing manoeuvres, and a high density PU on the forefoot for toe precision. Dedicated areas for thrust, braking, and maximum friction, with self-cleaning grooves. Rear TPU crampon insert compatible with semi-automatic crampons.

Charmoz OD Woman

Ladies-Specific NAG Last

Co-developed by Ueli Steck for exceptional comfort in technical use and a strong emphasis on focussing the climbing power over the toe/front of the boot to create the most precise technical mountain fit ever. Ladies-specific last is slimmer in the midfoot and heel areas for a more ergonomic fit of the female foot. (Note: This female last may also be appropriate for a slim, low volume male foot. Conversely, a high volume, broad female foot may be better suited to the standard last.)

Charmoz OD Woman

ACTIVimpact Technology Shock Absorption

Uses materials with physical and chemical characteristics that excel at absorbing negative impacts with the ground, increasing shock-absorption exponentially.

Charmoz OD Woman


Allows the ankles complete freedom of movement, even in the stiffest of boots. Technical performance on varying terrains whilst maintaining support and protection.

Charmoz OD Woman

Pro-fibre XT 20 Midsole

Used for serious mountaineering, scrambling, and climbing. Maintains a small degree of longitudinal flex for comfort during walk-ins and serious mountain walks.

Charmoz OD Woman

Ankle Padding Memory Fit

Made of a special “Memory Foam” which allows the uppers to perfectly mould to the shape of the foot. Very light and breathable. Keeps its dynamic memory in terms of last and thickness so it recovers its original shape after every use. Comfort for the entire life of the boot.

Charmoz OD Woman

Autofit Collar Ankle Wrapping

Ergonomic padded collar made in elastic fabric for perfect ankle wrapping.

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Charmoz OD Woman
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