Wild Country Mission Sport

Lightweight and agile sport climbing harness. Designed for hard projecting. Show more >
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Wild Country Mission Sport

The Wild Country Mission Sport is a dedicated sport climbing harness designed with agility and flexibility in mind. This lightweight harness features low bulk, elasticated leg loops to reduce weight and five gear loops to create plenty of space for quickdraws. The figure-hugging V-Flex™ belt allows for full freedom of movement whilst still providing padding and protection. The Wild Country Mission Sport will suit anyone seeking performance on harder routes.

Tech specs

WAIST SIZE(S) 72 - 80 cm ,(M) 77 - 85 cm, (L) 85 - 93 cm
LEGS SIZE(S) 56-61, (M) 60 - 65 cm, (L) 64 - 69 cm
WEIGHT428 g (M)


Mission Sport


• Lightweight, low-bulk harness for sport climbing
• Minimalist design
• 5 gear loops

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Mission Sport
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