Faza Confession

Highly durable climbing brush made completely from Beechwood. Also can be used as a screwdriver just because why not. Show more >
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Faza Confession

The Faza confession is an extra strong eco-friendly boulder brush with a unique shape and a handy little extra feature on its head. The Faza confession is made from beechwood and premium boar's hair - much more sustainable than its plastic and nylon counterparts - and is designed to be the perfect match to the shape of your hand. Its head is also designed to work as a screwdriver if you happen to need to do some on-the-rock maintenance.



Confession Key Features

• Beechwood handle and premium boar hair brush for durability and sustainability
• Screwdriver head for an extra tool whilst climbing
• Longer and harder bristles at the head of the brush, where they usually wear the fastest
• A variety of hole-patterns provide each "Confession" brush with a character of its own (one of a kind).
• Handmade by Elka in Bulgaria

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