8c+ Chalk Cube

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120 g chalk cube for free climbing and mountaineering from Charko.
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8c+ Chalk Cube

120 g chalk cube for free climbing and mountaineering from Charko.

3 product reviews

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Chalk Cube
Based on 43 ratings
Great value chalk

In my long quest to find chalk that suits my ever sweating hands I have used a lot of different brands including Metolius, FrictionLabs and Mammut. I am a sucker for low prices and this chalk cube really appealed to me.

Priced at £3.42/€3.96 for 120 grams of chalk is, in my opinion, not a bad deal, especially for chalk that gives a good amount of friction.

Like most other chalks, it does not keep my hands dry, hence the need to reapply often (due to my sweaty hands). However, if you don't have sweaty hands like me, I found that it sticks well to your hands.
Climbing performance is a different story. This may not make you spider man, but it will make difference. I find some chalks to make your hands slippery rather than friction-y. Not 8C+. They help create quite a bit of friction between your hand and holds especially those slippery slopers.

I compared this chalk to a couple other brands: Metolius and FrictionLabs. I would rate Metolius with a 10/10 for price as this is the cheapest chalk I know of. Unfortunately I could only give it a 5/10 for performance as it wipes off my hands really easily and I burn through a bag of it really fast. FrictionLabs I would give a 7/10 for price as it is a bit more expensive for a smaller bag. Performance-wise I would easily give it a 9/10. The unicorn dust I used felt really fine and stuck on really well.
Now onto 8C+. I am not a huge fan of chalk blocks as they can be hard to use in a bag, however, this block changed my mind. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be broken up into smaller cubes but when I received it, it was in smaller more manageable cubes. I would rate the price at 8 or 9/10 as its not quite as cheap at Metolius. Performance I would rate an 8/10. The chalk sticks to my hands well and stay on for a bit while I climb, but it does not stay on for longer than a few routes. Unlike the unicorn dust which kept my sweaty fingers dry.

Overall, this is a great mid priced, mid performance chalk which should serve anyone who buys it well. It's not as cheap as Metolius chalk, but is much better. Cheaper than FrictionLabs, but perhaps not as grood. This chalk will give you the friction you expect, unless you're expecting to be spiderman, then in that case go for some super-glue. I will be giving it 4 stars as it isn't a 10/10 for me but closer to an 8 /10 overall.


Great quality

Good chalk

8c+ is a good chalk and you get a lot of it or that amount of money, it has good friction..

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